In May 2013, Lindsay and Tony’s lifelong dream of becoming parents came true when Rocco Antonio Giannobile was born.


However, the past three years have been anything but a walk in the park.

Lindsay’s Current Prognosis

Lindsay’s is still battling Stage IV breast cancer that has metastasized in various places around her upper body.

During the second week of March 2014, she had an emergency trip to the hospital where they found excessive fluid around her right lung that was causing difficulty breathing. When in the hospital, they also found fluid around her heart (which is now no longer present) as well as a small blood clot in her left lung.

The doctors considered this a cancer progression due to the change in symptoms and about a week later she had a procedure to control the fluid in her right lung and a week long hospital stay to get it under control.

During a trip to Disney World in April 2016, Lindsay was admitted to an intensive care unit in Florida for a severe case of pneumonia. After being MedFlighted back to Columbus, doctors discovered the cancer had spread further into her lungs, rendering her body to unable to get the oxygen it needs.

Lindsay is currently in a hospice facility living out the last hours to days of her life.

Financial Implications

The treatment for the disease is ongoing. As such, the Giannobiles continue to pay out of pocket costs for expenses for medications, traveling to and from doctors appointments, insurance co-pays.

One major decision the family is considering is attending the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago for another opinion. CTCA is an integrative cancer center (supplements, diet and exercise alongside traditional medicine) that does not take insurance at all. It is all paid for by the patient.

How You Can Help

Now, more than ever, Lindsay would love your prayers, positive thoughts, words of encouragement, and messages of love. To this day, she remains positive, hopeful, strong, and inspirational. Reciprocating those feelings on Twitter and Instagram is the least we can do.

Financial Support

Even with millions of dollars pouring into foundations like the Race for the Cure and Pelotonia, the financial impact of cancer on individual families is extreme. If you would like to support their efforts as they fight this disease, click the Donate button below and select the amount you would like to contribute.

All proceeds (minus a small PayPal fee) go directly to the family.

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