In October 2010, Lindsay Giannobile was blindsided with the diagnosis of Stage III invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer at the age of 28.

At the time she and her husband, Tony, were on the brink of embarking on a new chapter in their lives: starting a family. The diagnosis meant their plans would have to be put on hold – until now…

Battling Breast Cancer

In 2011, Lindsay endured four months of intense chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation, and several surgeries. One procedure included the retrieval and fertilization of her eggs in the event that the side effects of chemo inhibited her from being able to conceive naturally.

She was able to get through countless appointments, treatments, procedures and days of feeling defeated with Tony’s unconditional love and support. Lindsay’s courage was unbelievable and her appreciation for each new day was inspiring. She was winning the battle and she and Tony kept positive by remembering that when this was over they could finally start a family.


However, late in 2011 Lindsay and Tony realized their “cancer-free” prognosis would be short-lived as doctors discovered cancer in some of the bones in her back, advancing her cancer to Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. This discouraging news took them by surprise as they had to yet again push aside their plans for a family.

Next Step: Starting a Family

In spite of everything she has faced, Lindsay has continued to maintain her positive attitude. She finds comfort in knowing that cancer can stay contained to the bones for many years and be managed with the treatment of several different medicines. Although they have an optimistic outlook, this new diagnosis still carries with it the reality that she will never be able to carry a child as she will now be receiving treatment indefinitely.

This brings about the newest challenge for them: finding a way to finance a surrogate to carry the embryo(s) she was supposed to carry herself.

Where We Come In

Most insurance companies will not cover a surrogate pregnancy, so they will be forced to fund the costly process themselves. Between paying for fertility doctors, two lawyers, prenatal appointments, labor and delivery and care and compensation for the surrogate – they are looking at quite the grand total.

This website is set up to accept monetary donations that can eventually be used toward covering some of the expenses that go along with the surrogacy process. No amount is too small or insignificant. Together, we can reach our goal of raising $1,000 for each mile Matt runs during his first full marathon in October.

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